About Launceston Running Club

Dedicated to promoting fitness & fun in Northern Tasmania

The Launceston Running Club (formally the Launceston Athletic Club) was established in 1948 and runs handicapped running races in and around Launceston Tasmania..  The races are run from March through to September each year..  As a handicapped race, everyone is given a different start time (assigned according to their ability) – this means that all the entrants should cross the line within a 5 minute window PLUS you don’t have to be a “fast” runner to win a race :-)


As a general rule the division 2 (aged 11 – 16 years) and 3 (aged 6 – 10 years) races start at 10:00am and the division 1 (everyone over 16) start at 11am.  See the calendar for more detail on starting times as some races start at different times.  You must have entered for individual races 15 MINUTES BEFORE the start times..

Division 3: 1 – 2km

Division 2: 2 – 3km

Division 1: 5 – 21.1km


Senior runners $30 annual registration, race day registrations $35.00 for returning members while junior runners are only $5 annual registration, PLUS discounts for families.
Race entry fee for seniors $5 for all races, $7 for Lilydale Larder Lope.
Race entry fee for juniors $3 for all races.


The winners in division 1 attract prize money.  All races bar the Lilydale Lope attract equal cash prize money. Winners also attract a prize voucher as well as random spot prizes being drawn each week for non place getters of which there are four. Each year the prize money available for races is listed in the program. Places and fastest time are also awarded prize money or prize vouchers.  A trophy is also awarded to each race winner at the end of year dinner.
Division 2 and 3 winners receive a trophy while place getters and fastest times receive other small prizes.
For more detail see the club booklet handed to you when you register..



PO Box 885, Launceston, 7250