After 8 years it was Pete Wierenga’s turn to win today


Newnham Meat
It’s been 8 years since Pete Wierenga has won a race at the Launceston Running Club!  Today he stormed home first in the Newnham Meats 5k at the Tailrace park!  Anne-Marie Loader came in second and Anne Fyfe third.  The fastest male was Zane Carr in a time of 16:42 and the fastest female was Kate McIntyre in a time of 21:37.

The division 2 Samantha Hellyer Memorial race was won by Harry Darsaklis from Ryan Holloway and Bayley Lewis.  The fastest male was Ryan Holloway and the fastest female was Mackenzie Roberts.  We were honoured to have Sally Bell as part of the presentation in memory of Sam.

The division 3 Alex Walley Memorial race was won by Peyton Webb from Averyl Quinn and George Darsaklis.  The fastest male was Luke McHugh and the fastest female was Averyl Quinn.  Mel Hill kindly assisted in the presentation as a representative of the Walley family.

Full results can be found here!

Next week we have a lovely 15.4k jog in the beautiful countryside at Bishopsbourne in the Keith and Fokie Badcock, Meander through the Midlands!  Please bring along a plate of food to share.  Don’t miss the amazing spread Keith and Fokie provide – its truely worth the 15.4k jog!  We meet at the Bishopsbourne recreation centre!

Don’t forget your dinner tickets can be purchased in the caravan AND you can use PayWave :)
Babcock family