2017 AGM 6th Feb 2017 – Your club needs you!

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32 Tamar Rise, Riverside  ~  6th Feb 2017 – 6:30pm This is a quick note to let you know (remind you) that the AGM for your running club is on tomorrow night at 6:30pm – its important that we get as many people as possible to turn up to this meeting.  Please do you best attend and support the club that supports your running ambitions and provides you with a friendly place to hang out every Saturday in winter Also a note from Strawb: “I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you to all the committee members I have worked alongside over the past four years. You have been a great team and we’ve had a lot of fun together. The reason for this spiel is to ensure the club is well positioned in readiness for...

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It was a beautiful day for a run at Low Head

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The scenic Low Head Geier 6 km race was won by Lynnda Coffey in near perfect conditions.  Paul Gambles took out 2nd place for the 2nd race in a row – he’ll be favourite for the next run  Robyn Beattie made up the third spot in the jog up to the light house and back. The division two 2.96km was won by last weeks winner Ryan Holloway from Lucas Galvin-Ridge and Isabella Darsaklis. The fastest male in this race was Lucas Galvin-Ridge while the fastest female was Isabella Darsaklis. The division three 1.48km was won by Lani Tai from Alex Zegveld and Sisi Tai. The fastest male in this race was Alex Zegveld while the fastest female was Averyl Quinn. Check out the full results here. Next weeks race is a 10k at Hillwood, meeting at the football ground. We...

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Race 3 The Low Head Geier 6km Hcp

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Div 1 Fastest Fastest Name Place Race Time Behind 1st Handicap Actual Time Rate Male Female Points Lynnda Coffey 1 43:10.4 0:00.0 5:55.0 37:15.4 6:13/K 20 30 Paul Gambles 2 43:20.2 0:09.8 11:50.0 31:30.2 5:15/K 20 29 Robyn Beattie 3 43:24.6 0:14.2 6:20.0 37:04.6 6:11/K 19 28 Ricky Markham 4 43:25.9 0:15.5 4:10.0 39:15.9 6:33/K 26 27 Max Loffel 5 43:27.1 0:16.7 10:10.0 33:17.1 5:33/K 23 26 Fiona Webb 6 43:30.3 0:19.9 0:00.0 43:30.3 7:15/K 21 25 Leanne Thomas 7 43:57.6 0:47.2 11:25.0 32:32.6 5:25/K 12 24 Bev Allen 8 44:10.7 1:00.3 16:05.0 28:05.7 4:41/K 3 23 Felicity Cooper 9 44:12.2 1:01.8 10:10.0 34:02.2 5:40/K 15 22 Leigh Evans 10 44:15.6 1:05.2 11:25.0 32:50.6 5:28/K 22 21 Yvette Darsaklis 11 44:18.3 1:07.9 0:00.0 44:18.3 7:23/K 22 20 Scott Greaves 12 44:19.4 1:09.0 16:10.0 28:09.4 4:42/K 13 19 Danny Whelan 13...

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Craig wins in a photo finish!

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With half of the 2016 LRC committee not available for this weeks race, a number of the new committee members stepped up and did a fantastic job!  The full results will be posted to the website in the middle of the week when Johnno is back and can wrestle them out of the timing system This weeks Cycle2 7k race held at Blackstone Heights, was almost a photo finish!  Launceston running stalwart Craig Boon just piped Tony Darsaklis on the line to take out the second race of the 2016 season – he now has 6 months to craft his presentation speech for the end of the year dinner.  Paul Gamble filled the third spot in what was a challenging course with hills and wind to overcome. In the junior divisions Ryan Holloway placed first in Division 2, with Sebastian...

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Nick takes out the first race of the 2016 season!

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The 1st race of the 2016 Launceston Running Club season has been run and won.  The Northern Concrete 6.4km out and back race took in the new picturesque North Bank trail along the South Esk. Nick Burke claimed the first place today from Justin Cooper and Scott Greaves.  The fastest male in todays race was Austin O’Byrne and the fastest female was Amy Lamprecht. In the division 2 junior race Alex Davies came in ahead of Eliza Anderson and Ella Boxhall.  The fastest male is this division was also Alex Davies and the fastest female was Ella Boxhall.  The division 3 junior race saw Eloise Cooper take out first place from Alex Zegveld and Lani Tai.  The fastest male in the div 3 was Luke McHugh and the fastest female was Averyl Quinn.   To see a full list...

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