It was a beautiful day for a run at Low Head

LRC race 3

The scenic Low Head Geier 6 km race was won by Lynnda Coffey in near perfect conditions.  Paul Gambles took out 2nd place for the 2nd race in a row – he’ll be favourite for the next run :)  Robyn Beattie made up the third spot in the jog up to the light house and back.

The division two 2.96km was won by last weeks winner Ryan Holloway from Lucas Galvin-Ridge and Isabella Darsaklis. The fastest male in this race was Lucas Galvin-Ridge while the fastest female was Isabella Darsaklis.

The division three 1.48km was won by Lani Tai from Alex Zegveld and Sisi Tai. The fastest male in this race was Alex Zegveld while the fastest female was Averyl Quinn.

Check out the full results here.

Next weeks race is a 10k at Hillwood, meeting at the football ground. We will be trialling separate registrations for senior and junior divisions – the junior registrations will close off strictly at 9:45am and the senior race registrations will be taken from 9:50am and close off strictly at 10:45am. This will hopefully get all divisions off on time. If you think you will be late to register please ring ahead: 0448 374 281.

Note: We have a missing runner from the results – if its you or you know who it might be let us know?