Karen leads the whole way in the rain to win at Youngtown



Karen Gambles lead the field through a fun suburban trail run in the rain today, in the Active Physiotherapy Youngtown 5k.  In 2016 she got lost on this course and was very happy to not just win but to also not get lost again.  Michelle Frost came in second from Paul Gambles in third.  The fastest male today was Matthew Zegveld in 20.27 and the fastest female was Kate McIntyre in 24 minutes.  Joe from Active Physiotherapy attended the race and helped with the presentations which was awesome – we love our sponsors!

In the division two 2k race Jj Tai speed in first from Bayley Lewis and Benjamin Frost.  The fastest male was Benjamin Frost and the fastest female was Mackenzie Roberts.  There was a little misunderstanding about the course for this race so it was a little shorter than it should’ve been – however none of the children complained 😉

In the division three 1.5k race Ashleigh Dettmer won from Peyton Webb and George Darsaklis.  The fastest male was Luke McHugh and the fastest female was Averyl Quinn.

Full results can be found here.

Next week we’re all heading out to the gorgeous Lilydale for the iconic Lilydale Larder Lope – a wonderful 16.6k stroll around the hills of Lilydale!  If you’re planning to run this race and it’ll be your first race with the LRC this season, please register yourself online to save time on race day and for our handicappers to give you a handicap… Thanks :)

Lilydale Lope